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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Paper Selling, Jim Spivey, Ernest Gallo

I'm an innocent bystander. Always am. I'm a bystander, and I'm innocent.

I sit on my box, saying "Buy a paper," or, maybe, "Read what the Bears did." Things like that.

People hand me a buck or a five-spot, grab a paper, and I hand them change.

It is busiest in the morning, between 7:30-8:30. I make 50% of all I'm going to make right then. Too quick to be cold, but it is still cold. When it is warm, it is never so hot that early. The cold and the rain. Nothing else bothers me, but there's nothing else to bother me.

I read the paper throughout the day. People stop by. My corner is like a neighborhood bar, only most everyone's still sober and stays that way when they leave. Cops stop by. Bike delivery guys too. Homeless people, looking to relate to someone. Streetwise sellers. Elderly neighbors, hoping to find someone familiar. I know them.

My hands are blistered with temporary stains of newsprint. Paper cut scars mirror the lines in my hands. They don't tell the future; they show the past. My arms are stronger than some, but ache more than most. My back more so.

The News
Thomas Jones is being traded from the Bears to the Jets. They might get someone in return.

The Olympics came to talk to Daley. I love the Olympics. Chicago has been lucky to have had several Olympians. I followed running. Remember Jim Spivey? He ran the 1500m in the 1980s and 1990s, and faster than most. Holds a few records still. The list is longer than one man. Who else?

White Sox pitcher Javier Vazquez will make even more money.

Jennifer Hudson came to town. She'll be back and back again. You win an Oscar, and you shake hands. Fame. (See American Idol - The Best & Worst of American Idol ( Limited Edition ))

Ernest Gallo died. You know him. You drank with him. His Gallo Vineyards produced some good cheap wine. He was 97. Almost 98. Check the link below. Buy a bottle. Remember the good times. Have a few more good times.

Gallo of Sonoma 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon - Red Wine

While you are reading, think about the Google-Microsoft copyright debate.

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