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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Contrast: One Hero Died, One Leader Falls - Captain America and Conrad Black

The cooler weather today caused me to break out my Sun-Times jacket. In all my years, this switching of the weather still gets to me.

My bones ache on cooler mornings. Summer weather will be here, and I'll sling papers from a warmer place.

The News
I have nothing good to say about Conrad Black. Nothing.

Chicago court meets a low-key Lord
Globe and Mail - 15 hours ago
CHICAGO - It was one of those defining moments. Anyone who believed Conrad Black's trial was going to be predictable had that opinion corrected the moment the extravaganza opened in downtown Chicago Wednesday, thanks to Lord Black himself, ...

Will Cap come back? (Sun-Times)
Captain America is dead, but he may not stay that way. Although he possesses no preternatural powers -- not even the ability to leap very short buildings in a single bound -- the muscled crime fighter has long been categorized as a superhero. And now, after more than six decades of doling out bad-guy beatings in his form-fitting flag suit, he joins several other revered comic book powerhouses who've bitten the proverbial dust.

Look at the two situations. Unfortunately, Conrad Black is not fictional, and sadly, Captain America is.

Newspaper Hawk on Captain America

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