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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Weather, Much Sadness: Myanmar, China

Tomorrow looks perfect. A high of 70 degrees. Not as many gang twats killing each other last week. Sadly, though, there is much greater tragedy.

Myanmar (or Burma for you oldsters) has had its putz leaders making political efforts to deny aid so its generals could look good. Don't tell me Bush screwed up New Orleans. Even moron Mayor Ray Nagin is better than the Myanmar jerks. Finally, though, aid is starting to move. (US begins aid flights to Myanmar cyclone victims)

China had its massive earthquake, killing 10,000 so far. After they practically ruined the Olympics with their arrogant oppression of Tibet, sympathies might return. (Earthquake measuring 7.8 Richter scale hits SW China)

This all outshines sunny days.

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