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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best of 2007 Nonsense, Fat Guy I Know, Death of Bhutto, Patriots Victory

A new year is coming, and somehow, within the ticking of a clock, 2007 becomes a sentimental land of whim and misty-eyed baloney. Give me a break. My papers, every one of them, are going to be filled with Best of 2007 nonsense. True, looking back has merit, but we'll do it as it is a history lesson.

You know the sort which gets into this. Imagine the scene: a party, everyone is having a great time, and some bonehead needs to pull out his or her cell phone and snap some pictures. That's fine, except for the part in which they show them to everyone immediately.


Are we having a better time because you can show me what happened :30 earlier? What's wrong with enjoying right now, rather than reminscing about a minute ago. Give me people, not pictures of people. I want real relationships, not virtual ones.

Speaking of real people, I must tell you about this former fat guy I know. He's keeping a blog about how he is losing (present tense) 60 pounds. Hopefully, he's losing 80, but he has lost 60 so far, and he'll be the first to tell you it isn't one of those things that gets checked off his list, and then onto some new thing. His Christmas post, for example: Christmas Time: I Didn't Gain Weight Like Everyone Else is straight to the point. No bones about how fat gets dropped. Not bad for one year. Congratulations, David Dane!

I'm as fit as untuned fiddle, so I'm not in a position to lose 80. If I did, I'd be up in Stroger Hospital of Cook County before I knew it. No one wants to go there. You gotta go there, and who knows what will happen. It is hardly known for great bedside manner or nurses who give a rip. Too many people I know have stepped in there thinking they cared, but found better service in a 7-11.

Thank you. Come again.

Good nurses? All over the place. BroMenn Healthcare in Bloomington-Normal is one place. Great folks there. Luckily, I've been blessed without much need for medical care, but my day will come. Can't hawk newspapers forever.

The News
It was the best of weeks. It was the worst of weeks.

Bhutto's son, husband to be co-leaders of party
Some ignoramus pig assassinated Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto. She's the woman trying to stick a little freedom into Pakistan. The Muslim suck-ups to Al Qaida took her down like the little whiny schoolyard thugs they are. They know if the Pakistanis are allowed to choose, they'll want something better than Shariah law. They'll want to live more like I do: work hard, pray to the God of my choosing (and let me tell you, He isn't Allah), and not be forced to bow to their dog.

Old Osama bin Laden's crew can't handle freedom. He's a rich guy, lives anyone he pleases. Puts up a front for his lackeys, but, in reality, isn't a man of peace. He makes George Bush look like a pacifist.

Either way, seems her hubby and kid are stepping up. Hubby has a bad rep of corruption, but hopefully he can do some damage to the patsies trying to steal freedom from the Pakistani people.

Go ahead, choose Islam. It is a free country here. I'll respect your ability to worship whomever you please. But don't force me to. You can't. I will not bow.

Perfect Pats: New England Makes It 16-0
Good news here. Not of course to Chicago Bears fans, but they lost the season after the first coin toss. The Patriots did good, and I think every football fan should tip their hat to them. These guys are Pats, not patsies.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at the Hawks, PADS and Pacific Garden Mission

Christmas in the Hawk household is no different than many other Chicagoans. No work, much cheer. Strange, though, as today is a big day to read a newspaper. However, as busy as my corner is most of December, today is the least travelled.

This is not to say the corner is empty. It never is. Monday to Friday, mostly, I am there, as are thousands of businessmen and women. Also, somehow not always as obviously, are other men and women. These are homeless, or semi-homed, if that can be said.

It is hardly just Chicago. Every big city has people who need a meal and place to lay their head.

And it is not just big cities, but the posh suburbs. Now, before you get on your high horse about how the rich burbanites don't care, get a load of PADS. They are based in the wealthy west suburbs, specifically in Wheaton, IL. They got a lot of churches (130 churches!) working together to help feed and provide a place to sleep.

The deal is simple: every night, a different church provides a floor and sleeping bags to sleep in a safe area. People get dinner and breakfast at no cost. Some churches provide the floor, while others provide volunteers.

How You Can Give - see these two places, if you live in Chicagoland, but they are hardly the only ones. Your church most likely can connect you to others, and there is always the United Way, the Salvation Army.

Pacific Garden Mission - we don't have much to give, but our family has given to them over the years, and think you should too.

Homeless in DuPage County Fact Sheet - This is what PADS has to say about the homeless. I have even volunteered there to see what it is all about, working an all night night shift.

The News
It is Christmas. What better news is there? As good news goes, this is as good as it gets. Merry Christmas.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Bookbinding and Bitter Cold

Today is only colder than yesterday, but the coffee seems warmer. The salary girls and smokers are less apt to wander outside. Better for me, as I get tired of the stink of cheap perfume and second-hand smoke. At least the salary girls are fun to look at, unlike the smokers.

Thinking of the days when newspapers did not include computers, I came across this fellow's site. That's his blog selling old bookbinding equipment. Intrigued, I see that he's got this whole old world style of bookbinding going on, with some very impressive samples, Weird seeing it on the internet. It is like seeing an Amish or hermitage website.

Gilded Leaf Bindery
Maryville, Tennessee

The News
As news blogs go, this one is hardly thorough, but very interesting: Hungarian News - http://hungariannews.blogspot.com. Where is a copy of the Budapest Sun when you need one?

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow and Drew Peterson, Suspected Killer?

The days are getting increasingly colder. Today, a Saturday, left me at home. I'm mostly hawking Monday to Friday. The snow - oh, the snow! Like piles of nothing useful.

Drew PetersonThe News

The Mitchell Report is out, and the losers who doped up to play baseball are listed. This must be why the Cubs lose. Not enough drugs.

Reminds of those days when some of us (not me, too young), were forced to name Communists.

Self-made murder suspect, fired cop (or did he 'retire'?) Drew Peterson, from our neck of the woods near Chicago, is the clown of the local media.

Suspected, but as of yet not charged, nor arrested, as the killer opf his lovely and fourth wife (or was it the third?) is Drew Peterson. Guilty or innocent, he is the laughingstock of Chicago's diverse suburbia.

Not officially known is whether Peterson killed previous wife Kathleen Savio (notch number three in the Peterson scorecard.)

Now, one of his sons, Stephen Peterson, 28, a police officer in the very posh Oak Brook department, is being questioned in a grand jury. I would like to think this Peterson is less foolish than his father, and that this younger one has integrity.

Peterson son goes before grand jury
Chicago Tribune - Dec 13, 2007 - One of Drew Peterson's adult sons appeared Thursday before a Will County special grand jury investigating the ...

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