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Friday, February 22, 2008

Longer Days & Kathleen Savio Was Murdered

The days are getting longer, and not just metaphorically. It is nice to see daylight on my way back, but the sun has dwindled by the time I hike up to the Hawk home.

My corner has been blessed recently by a squirrel which is not really a city dweller. It is alone, hungry, shivering. It comes by, looking for something to eat - can't find anything in the concrete - and stares at me at like a lonely puppy. It reminds me of the kids who move here, looking to be sophisticated, but end up looking for the same things they had trouble finding in small town USA.

Drew PetersonThe News
The word is, officially, that Kathleen Savio was murdered. Her name is famous because of the monkey on the left. Well, no, not a monkey. He's the man who proves Charles Darwin was wrong.

No one knows for sure who killed who, but we know Drew Peterson's had two of his wives murdered. At least, we're pretty sure. And a third one isn't saying very nice things about how he treated her.

Whether Peterson is a murderer or not is something beyond what I know, but the way he has taunted the police and media, I am glad he is not a cop now.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

NIU Students Shot

Rush hour has begun, it seems, earlier today. The flush of people grabbing newspapers at 4:00 was amazing, and continues. Valentine's Day plans, I suppose. Likewise for me. I will be home by 6:00 p.m. if the L goes on time.

Breaking news
The News
Multiple Victims In N. Illinois Univ. Shooting
In short, a student stormed into a room, shot some students and was apprehended. My prayers go out the students.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday: Skipping Out on All the Bums

No one at the Hawk home will be voting tomorrow for Super Tuesday. Me? I think they are bums. The whole lot of them. Bums. When November comes, I'll send my love to the Chicago Bears, and, if the right bum is still running, to him.

When the ones who say they care for the poor are raking in millions to suck up to the American public, I have got to say no. I know Chicago's a Daley Democrat city, and there's a good chance my dead Uncle Roberto is casting a few votes tomorrow, but I'm going with someone will kick Osama bin Laden in the behind.

The News
Huckabee's still running. The weather is strange. And I'm going to bed.

Snow, Eli Manning, Tipping, Tinley Park Murders

More snow at my door step. A guy can't catch a break, but I can sure catch the snow. The morning rush is starting to trickle. Luckily, the Super Bowl is causing a couple of Chicago Sun-Time sales.

Tips from Chicago Sun-Times readers come in nickels and dimes. They are the "Just keep the change" kind. Chicago Tribune readers tip in large chunks. The guy might walk by a hundred times without tipping, then whamo! He gives me a 50-spot. It even out, and in each case, I'm thankful. It is nice to know they know this is a hard life.

Time to poor another cup. Almond this morning.

The News

Nationally, the big news is the Super Bowl victory the New York Giants had over the presumed winner, the New England Patriots. Tom Brady was no match over Eli Manning. Even in Chicago, they are cheering. We understand underdogs.

Locally though, we know that five women were murdered by some two-bit thug in a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park. There are more details, but so far, that is about all that is known. To the chump with the gun: You will not survive. Our boys in blue will take you down. It is better that you turn yourself in and let justice begin.

Politically, Ron Paul is scraping up money on the Republican side, supported heavily by the prowar crowd. Still, people are voting for image. No news there.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow & Captain America Born Again (Eh?)

The snow is unbelievable. I've seen more snow, but this much and at such an inconvenient time. My regulars stayed home today. Oh, the train commuters and workaholics are in, but the salary girls, the work-a-days, the project managers - all home.

It is shooting me in the foot. A few flakes and I'm not selling papers. The politics are picking up, so I'm thinking I'll see a few more sellable headlines as the primaries close in on Chitown.

The News
You might think the news is politics, but frustrated voters are getting tired of the hogwash coming at them.

Bobby Fischer died, but that's old news now, and you knew that.

Drew Peterson is looking less guilty if the photos that look like his missing wife Stacy are really her. If those photos are Stacy, there will be big apologies to Drew. If they are not, and worse yet, Photoshopped, then Drew will look more guilty than ever.

Amy Winehouse is living up to her name.

Don't ask illiterates Kelly Pickler or Charlize Theron where Hungary is. Two girls just picking up a paycheck in short skirts, two salary girls smiling and grinning with nothing but peanuts inside their head.

The real news is almost big. Bucky, the late Captain America's protege and sidekick, is doing Captain duty. He is taking over the job of protecting America's values.

"Ain't that America" John Mellencamp would say. It's true. That's America. When a good man gets shot down, another man stands in his place. To the patsies in Iraq fighting the US soldiers: we're not done. We leave no man behind, and we stand with those standing for justice.

> Capt. America was dead
he's being buried
> We
seemed to care then.

Captain America Comes Back From the Dead

Captain America's alter-ego, Steve Rogers, is still resting in peace at Arlington National Cemetery, having been done in by assassins last March. But his good buddy and sidekick from the 1940s, Bucky Barnes, has picked up the bulletproof Captain America shield, put on a new uniform and taken his place.

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