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Friday, February 22, 2008

Longer Days & Kathleen Savio Was Murdered

The days are getting longer, and not just metaphorically. It is nice to see daylight on my way back, but the sun has dwindled by the time I hike up to the Hawk home.

My corner has been blessed recently by a squirrel which is not really a city dweller. It is alone, hungry, shivering. It comes by, looking for something to eat - can't find anything in the concrete - and stares at me at like a lonely puppy. It reminds me of the kids who move here, looking to be sophisticated, but end up looking for the same things they had trouble finding in small town USA.

Drew PetersonThe News
The word is, officially, that Kathleen Savio was murdered. Her name is famous because of the monkey on the left. Well, no, not a monkey. He's the man who proves Charles Darwin was wrong.

No one knows for sure who killed who, but we know Drew Peterson's had two of his wives murdered. At least, we're pretty sure. And a third one isn't saying very nice things about how he treated her.

Whether Peterson is a murderer or not is something beyond what I know, but the way he has taunted the police and media, I am glad he is not a cop now.

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