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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold, But Not Bitter: Review of Chaos and the People Involved

Cold, cold days I have spent shivering. No one buys papers on these coldest of cold days, yet I'm there wishing they would. Why am I there? No amount of coffee helps. One guy gave me a hand warmer. That helped. Try them. Amazing.

Chicago Tribune is changing Monday. Not for everyone, but I'll be selling the tabloid style, like the Sun-Times. Buy it on Amazon so I can make a buck. Buy anything on Amazon, for that matter, and I'll make a couple bucks.

Rod Blagovich. What's there to say? Some funny stuff here: Senate Seats for Sale. Lost his attorney, but that might be a game to allow time to re-figure his approach. Either way, we'll have a new governor soon enough.

A new president comes our way too, but Barack Obama has his own troubles. I think he'll find out George Bush was probably not the schmuck his campaign said he was.

Famous painter Andrew Wyeth died. I liked his stuff. Christina's World: mysterious.

Tough times for many. I'm not the only one not rolling in the dough.

Looks like idiots live among royalty in the UK. Not just the UK. Plenty of idiots here.

As cold as it is, not everyone is sitting around moping.

Celebs make the news just by naming their kid something goofy. Whatever happened to 'Bob' and 'Susan'?

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