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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Al Qaeda Street Gang Wants To Slaughter Cartoonist (Is Garfield the Cat Next?)

I have a cold, making the beautiful September day a loss. It might as well be February.

The salary girls have turned in their flirty skirts for beige pants and tiny jackets.

The News
The big news in the papers is about the paper. As it seems, "Al Qaeda offers bounty on Swedish cartoonist." This makes Islam look afraid, unable to handle an insult. Making their good reputation worse, they want to pay someone to knock off the cartoonist, to slaughter him like a lamb.

George Bush never looked so right about Iraq.

It has been revealed that Omar al-Baghdadi is as real as Mohammad and Santa Claus, with an actor playing Baghdadi.

Hopefully, Lars Vilks will get in contact with Salman Rushdie and sort out how to handle the Al Qaeda street gang.

I haven't seen the current lot, and have no doubt they are offensive to those who believe in Islam. Don't get me wrong. Offensive is offensive, and I would not tell someone they have to like or agree. That's a big difference though. Free speech is hard enough to find in America, but in Islamic countries, almost impossible. Here's the famous Danish Muslim Cartoons.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Guilty in Family Secrets Mob Trial

Thinking about important things as the rain considers to fall. The important things aren't how many papers I sell tonight in the coming 5:00 rush, but our men and women in Iraq who don't have it nearly as easy as myself, or any of those plopping 50 cents my way to read the news.

Funny thing on a blog talking about Hillary Clinton claiming Osama bin Laden converted to Christianity.

The News
The news is good.

Guilty As Charged
James Marcello, Joey "the Clown" Lombardo, Frank Calabrese Sr. and Paul "the Indian" Schiro and Anthony "Twan" Doyle.

Each of these men are scum. Losers. In some cases, bad fathers. According now to their jury, criminals. Murderers, racketeering, extortion. These are men that smile, say it wasn't them. So bad were these men that a brother and son could not stomach the crap they were dealing. If my dad or brother was one of these men, I would be ashamed to share the last name.

One is a a slimy cop, corrupt in every way.

From the Tribune:

  • James Marcello, 65, identified by authorities as Chicago's top mob boss two years ago when the indictment was handed down.
  • Joey "the Clown" Lombardo, 78, a legendary reputed mob figure for decades who was convicted in the 1980s of bribing a U.S. senator.
  • Frank Calabrese Sr., 70, whose brother and son provided crucial testimony for the prosecution.
  • Paul "the Indian" Schiro, 69, the reputed Outfit member from Phoenix who is already serving a prison sentence for his role in a mob-connected jewelry theft ring.
  • Anthony "Twan" Doyle, 62, the former Chicago cop accused of passing on confidential information about the federal probe to a mob friend.

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