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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Puppet Bike & NBA Robberies

The Puppet Bike guy at Michigan and Adams (you might see him near Randolph too) continues on. I've never met him, though we know of each other. His show, a plotless Punch and Judy dance of kitties, takes place on the stage - the back of his bike.

What fascinates kids is the old fashioned fun. No iPod, XBox, Wii or any other technology. The set is simple, the same as any traditional park puppet theater. These are standard hand puppets, not complex marionettes.

Far as I can tell, the characters are only two cats, a monkey, a squirrel, and an alligator.

The reality is, there is no puppet guy. There's at least a few guys, as far as I can see. All are doing this for tips. At least I make a few cents on each newspaper I sell. So, give the guy (or gal) a tip). You tip the coffee maven, the taxi driver. Tip this Chicago Institution. It is like PBS live, downtown, and in the Loop.

The News
I won't let Barry Bonds be news. I don't respect him. Hank Aaron was a man, and Barry Bonds is no Hank Aaron.

Much of the news in Chicago these days has been a pile of box scores. Some people have been charged in the professional basketball players Eddie Curry and Antoine Walker robberies. Turns out these robberies are linked, which we all knew, but had no evidence. Now there's evidence and suspects. To Chicagi's Finest, when your boys aren't beating up bar keepers, you do good work.

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