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Monday, September 15, 2008

McCain's Rising, Rain's Falling and Zambrano's Striking 'Em Out

The rains soaked every ounce of this city, most of which landed in my bones. Ain't coffee that I need, but more rest. Papers won't sell themselves tomorrow. But, I'm sick, bedridden, barely focused enough to use my laptop.

The news has been a wild lot lately. With John McCain's campaign surging, with a woman helping him lead, I cannot help but think Barack Obama might be worried. It looks like he hasn't got this campaign and the media as wrapped up in bed like it looks.

Of course, we need Obama out of Illinois if we want a real man (or woman) in the Senate again. Old Obama has been chasing the White House so much he forgot he has a day job as a senator. I mean, who does he think he is, Carol Moseley Braun? That's true incompetence.

Carlos Zambrano threw a no hitter for the Cubbies.

Chicago had a half marathon yesterday, as wet as the rest of the city. This was the 2008 Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon. I gotta give a salute to those crazy runners who decided there was not enough rain to stop them. See Banco Popular Chicago Half Marathon, The Banco Popular - Chicago Half Marathon, I ran(ish) a half marathon!, Chicago Half-Aquathon, PR.

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