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Monday, February 4, 2008

Snow, Eli Manning, Tipping, Tinley Park Murders

More snow at my door step. A guy can't catch a break, but I can sure catch the snow. The morning rush is starting to trickle. Luckily, the Super Bowl is causing a couple of Chicago Sun-Time sales.

Tips from Chicago Sun-Times readers come in nickels and dimes. They are the "Just keep the change" kind. Chicago Tribune readers tip in large chunks. The guy might walk by a hundred times without tipping, then whamo! He gives me a 50-spot. It even out, and in each case, I'm thankful. It is nice to know they know this is a hard life.

Time to poor another cup. Almond this morning.

The News

Nationally, the big news is the Super Bowl victory the New York Giants had over the presumed winner, the New England Patriots. Tom Brady was no match over Eli Manning. Even in Chicago, they are cheering. We understand underdogs.

Locally though, we know that five women were murdered by some two-bit thug in a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park. There are more details, but so far, that is about all that is known. To the chump with the gun: You will not survive. Our boys in blue will take you down. It is better that you turn yourself in and let justice begin.

Politically, Ron Paul is scraping up money on the Republican side, supported heavily by the prowar crowd. Still, people are voting for image. No news there.

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