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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow and Drew Peterson, Suspected Killer?

The days are getting increasingly colder. Today, a Saturday, left me at home. I'm mostly hawking Monday to Friday. The snow - oh, the snow! Like piles of nothing useful.

Drew PetersonThe News

The Mitchell Report is out, and the losers who doped up to play baseball are listed. This must be why the Cubs lose. Not enough drugs.

Reminds of those days when some of us (not me, too young), were forced to name Communists.

Self-made murder suspect, fired cop (or did he 'retire'?) Drew Peterson, from our neck of the woods near Chicago, is the clown of the local media.

Suspected, but as of yet not charged, nor arrested, as the killer opf his lovely and fourth wife (or was it the third?) is Drew Peterson. Guilty or innocent, he is the laughingstock of Chicago's diverse suburbia.

Not officially known is whether Peterson killed previous wife Kathleen Savio (notch number three in the Peterson scorecard.)

Now, one of his sons, Stephen Peterson, 28, a police officer in the very posh Oak Brook department, is being questioned in a grand jury. I would like to think this Peterson is less foolish than his father, and that this younger one has integrity.

Peterson son goes before grand jury
Chicago Tribune - Dec 13, 2007 - One of Drew Peterson's adult sons appeared Thursday before a Will County special grand jury investigating the ...

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