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Monday, December 17, 2007

Bookbinding and Bitter Cold

Today is only colder than yesterday, but the coffee seems warmer. The salary girls and smokers are less apt to wander outside. Better for me, as I get tired of the stink of cheap perfume and second-hand smoke. At least the salary girls are fun to look at, unlike the smokers.

Thinking of the days when newspapers did not include computers, I came across this fellow's site. That's his blog selling old bookbinding equipment. Intrigued, I see that he's got this whole old world style of bookbinding going on, with some very impressive samples, Weird seeing it on the internet. It is like seeing an Amish or hermitage website.

Gilded Leaf Bindery
Maryville, Tennessee

The News
As news blogs go, this one is hardly thorough, but very interesting: Hungarian News - http://hungariannews.blogspot.com. Where is a copy of the Budapest Sun when you need one?

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