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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Captain America's Death & Blagovich to Raise Taxes Big

Yesterday's story about Captain America's death took me by surprise. A lot of people who don't even live in Chicago stopped to see my post. Captain America Must Not Die - The World Needs a Hero . Thanks for your e-mails. (newspaperhawk * yahoo.com) and thoughts. Feel free to use the comment form.

One question someone asked is whether Captain America is a Republican or a Democrat? He's a symbol. He's got the goodness of both, the honor of each. He's all of that. He is every voter, and for the ones who can't vote, he stands for their rights too.

My business is newspapers. I sell them. You buy them. The news of the Capt. did not reach most of today's newspapers, but it was online all over. I sit at a corner all day, more or less, and hear a bit here and there of everyone's thoughts.

Ordinary people, the ones you don't expect to read comic books, were talking about it. Suits and skirts, salary girls and salad clerks. All of them. Accountants, project managers, secretaries. You name. The pimple-faced kids I'd expect, but they don't have day jobs yet.

The conversations began, "Did you hear they killed Captain America?" The response was, "Who did? The terrorists?"

As a comic book goes, it is what it is. Capt. America might be passe. Marvel Comics is a business. How long he stays dead is a business decision. A marketing decision. They sell us heroes.

The business side of Captain America is there, but so is what he has come to stand for. He is the pure American, the uncorrupted hero. He is not a politician, he is not a criminal. He lives what he preaches, and wears his red, white and blues proudly. His integrity is without question.

Captain America, in an era of antiheroes, is what America needs.

Why am I passionate about this? Because everyday I watch bleak people who make more than me, live in homes bigger than a hotel, walk through my corner hopeless. I see low income people, the ones who think I'm rich, complain about the meaninglessness of life. They forgot who they are.

Someone needs to tell them.

The News
The biggest news to Illinois citizens is Governor Blagovich's proposal to raise taxes to an amazing new height. Only businesses will feel the affect directly. The rest of us will feel it as the business raise their rates. I have no word on how this will impact your daily newspaper costs. I think it will not be long before $0.75 becomes the going rate.
Gov. defends new tax plan Chicago Tribune
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The Bulls were blown out by Miami, but those who care already know.

Here's a use for newspapers I did not expect, at least not online for sale.
Newspaper for Puppie Training

For the true fan, Amazon is selling Captain Americabooks, toys, T-shirts and even cologne

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