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Monday, March 12, 2007

Conrad Black Heads to Trial

I walked in the fresh air of spring. The time changed, but, like every year, the sun still rose and set.

I have an iPod now that I'm learning about. Wore it while walking. It was strange to see the birds without hearing them sing.

The News
Conrad Black is on trial. No love lost there. He is guy accused of looting the Chicago Sun-Times for $84 million. I think that's it. It is all more complicated than that, but the gist is someone stole money that should have fed those below him.

All the lord's men Chicago Sun-Times

When a guy spends his days toughing out the worst of weather, having money thrown at him like a beggar, having papers stolen from him -- that guy has little pity on the thieves at the top. Little pity.

My world is about pennies. My customers rarely buy a buck's worth of anything. My commission is weak. I deal in volume, and not always much of that. Black deals in millions. If he stole money, then what should happen to him is not legal in the United States. Too many good men and women worked for him, many steps below in the business food chain. Too many people living on little while someone stole a lot.

The Sun-Times says, "Black could face as much as 20 years in prison and $7 million in fines"

Is he guilty? We'll see. Is he a good man. I don't think so.

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