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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Captain America Must Not Die - The World Needs a Hero

I ran into my old school friend, John. He is starting a church on the south side. I said to him, John, do we need another church in Chicago? No we don't. It isn't really a church in the way I was thinking. It is about people living the way God wants, not the way people want.

What do people want? People like church, sort of, doing this and that, and forget the rest of the world. No, they don't? Yes, John said. and the rest of the world has forgotten God. The world people and the God people need to get together.

John said more than that, and he is not doing it exactly the way it sounds.

He didn't buy a newspaper.

The News
Days have been rough on our heroes. Our boys in Iraq are fighting for truth, justice and the way of freedom, while spat on by those who sent them. Always fighting for right has been Captain America. (Pentagon deploys more troops to Baghdad - Bomber kills 30; 3 soldiers die in Iraq)

Capt. America dead? It is no wonder when Americans themselves think little of Americans.

Capt. America might be dead, now, as also seems America - but, he should rise up, filled with hope, with pride, with the strength of the desire to live free as in 1776.

Capt. America represents America in more ways than his ability to sell comic books. He fights with every man and woman in Iraq, against religious Islamic fascism. He fights with every New Yorker, looking to regain their lives in these last years since 9-11. He fights in the inner cities, in the farthest farm and in the most average suburb against those who would try to steal America's right to pray or not to pray, to say what they want to say - for the freedoms that make this country great.

In another land, where rich shieks denounce their women and oppress the poor, we are fighting. We need help, Steve Rogers. We need help.

Get up, Capt. America. We need you now as much we needed you in 1941, when you fought for our fathers and grandfathers. Hitler is dead, but bin Laden lives on. Struggle to your feet, man. The fight is still worth fighting.

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