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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Green Rivers, St. Pat, Black Souls, & Ditka's Wine

The Chicago River was green yesterday. Not with envy or muck. Not even with city tax dollars. Volunteers made it green. They paid for it. The poured in the color.

The green river is often green. Just not this green.

While the real St. Patrick was actually a British evangelist more like Billy Graham than a snake scaring shamrock talker, known for his piety and commitment to God, the Chicago brand is closer to being an icon of Mardis Gras or Carnival. Drunkenness and other things that might have embarrassed Patrick now define his day. I don't how the Catholic Church deals with this, but they have the right to be ticked off at how one of their boys was made into a lush.

As for green rivers, I drank a few as a child. A lime soda, like a melted Mr. Freeze pop. I used to get them with my gram at Woolworth's. There was one in the Loop where we would sit and talk of the important things of life. Good days.

The News
Conrad Black: He's no lord. That job has been taken by someone much more influential. It looks like the plaintiff wanted to drag Ditka into the case. Not our Mike Ditka, but to use his restaurant and name as part of a way to explain the case to jurors. They wanted to create a fictional scenario with Ditka as a character.

Black objected. He's a good for nothing, but he's right in this one. Keep da Coach out of it.

I had some of Ditka's wine. Not bad. Not great. Cheap, but better than other cheaps. (CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ditka's wine does just fine against big boys)

Why Lord Black is loquacious no more
Globe and Mail - 5 hours ago
In his last public statement before he showed up in Chicago, a gracefully written and even moving essay published in Maclean's, Lord Black claimed he was looking forward to his trial by jury in Chicago. Conrad Black, left, departs the federal court ...

Judge says prosecutors can't make an example of Da Coach
Chicago Tribune

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