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Friday, March 9, 2007

Hancock Views from 9-5, War Protests, The Trib Is Not for Sale

This weekend, I have big plans. Big, big plans. I will walk in the park. Warm weather. I'll wear a jacket, but I will walk. Man, it will be good.

It occurred to me the other day that I have a 9-5 job in the Loop. It is true. Look at it: I get up early, get dressed, head to work, catch an L, same as every other person looking down from the Hancock. I'm looking up from the bottom of the building, but such as it is. A 9-5 job.

I never work 9-5. No one does. No one down here. I get here a few hours before that, leave a little after that. When there are people buying newspapers, I'm here to help them do so.

I'm the water that first hits the sand and last leaves the beach, but I'm always there, attached to the wave.

I don't think of myself as a 9-5er. The only difference between me and the Joe up in the corner office is not the corner, but the office.

The News
Bulls win. That's old news.

Protesters used patsy Emanuel's office to market their anti-war goals. Emanuel's a patsy because they knew he was already with him. That's like protesting at the Catholic Church for more incense. More than that, it sounds like it was his idea. Do you suppose he did it to raise his own profile? Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is coming off oddly pro-war as she supports our troops with new vigor.

Protesters occupy Rahm Emanuel's Chicago office
WQAD - 13 hours agoCHICAGO
A small group of anti-war protesters occupied the lobby of Democratic Congressman Rahm Emanuel's Chicago office today. Eight demonstrators from a group called Codepink and another called Voices for Creative Nonviolence demanded that he vote ...

The newspaper business down on my level was wondering what to make of the buzz about the Tribune selling out. The big company which owns them dropped a few small papers, but none which matters here in the streets. It might not make any difference anyway. It won't change the news, just who owns the news. I'll still sell the news.

Execs: Chicago Tribune, LA Times Not For Sale
WBBM780, Chicago - 18 hours ago
The Tribune Co., which announced this week it is shedding two small Connecticut newspapers, says it has no plans to sell the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun or any of its other papers. "While the special committee of our board of ...

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