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Friday, March 23, 2007

Cop Wails on Woman & Other Bad News

These days are sketchy, but the sales are coming along. With Conrad Black's escapades, Sammy Sosa joining the Rangers (Sosa, Cubs reunite), and the video (YouTube: Cop Beating Women Bartender caught on video) of a cop wailing on a helpless woman at a bar (he's twice her size), the news has been keeping people interested in buying papers.

Unfortunately, not a letter of that news is good.

The News
Camera catches Chicago cop beating bartender Bloomington Pantagraph

Kill a cop, and you get extra punishment. I say, if you are a cop and break the law flagrantly, bust him hard.

The video looks bad. There is little room to believe anything but the worst. It sounds like some mouth breathing bum of a cop tried to threaten the woman to keep her mouth shut.

Neither man, if guilty, deserves to guard an empty warehouse. A man who do such things is no man at all.

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