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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chess in the Park & Conrad Black

Playing chess as a social activity seems to be a dying pastime. Were there ever days like those? Not in Chicago. Not in my life. Not in the range of my walk and work. But I play.

Whatever happened to the old men playing in the park, grinning at good moves, grimacing when they they’ve been gaffed?

If you see me, sitting on a milk crate with a chess board set on a stack of papers, buy a paper - buy a game. If you lose, I'll show you why. If you win, the paper's on me.


The News
Conrad Black's problem's begin officially. To this I say bring it on. Corruption is at its worst when the low are impacted by the evil of those above.

Black loses bid to delay hearing
Chicago Tribune, IL - 8 hours ago
"Conrad Black, whose fraud trial is scheduled to start Wednesday in federal court in Chicago, lost a bid to delay a hearing on US prosecutors..."

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