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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring & Ron Santo (Chicago Cubs) Denied the Hall Again

Chicago is a four season city. Whether it is a four star city can be argued, but as weather goes, we get weather. Lots of it.

Today is February 27. Spring starts in less than one month. It is a great time for papers. Spring sales, baseball season is starting, high school basketball (college too) is finishing, the NBA is gearing down, school is finishing in a few months -plans need to be made, elections, plus whatever crops up across the world.

The News
No one needs to tell Ronny he's not in. Ron Santo is once again not a member of the Hall of Fame. Who needs to tell him he's earned it? No one. He knows it. But there it is, the denial of truth.

While steroid cheap skates slime into the Hall on snake oiled charm and leisure-suited ethics, Ron, a man's man, played honestly.

I won't belabor you with numbers. See his bio on Wikipedia. And, Santo for Hall

While Ron's movie (This Old Cub - The Movie) was only so-so, it did show his heart. He's loaded with good-guy greatness. Not all Cubbies of late deserved that term. Ron always did, and still does.

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