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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Salary Girls. Miniskirts & Homeschooling - Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007
10:25 a.m.

The warm weather has created gray slush, but all this is good news. It is above 30 already, and the melting continues. I slept well last nice and my head cold seems gone. A good day.

It is a strange site to see miniskirts, or what they are, starting to come back. Women in gym shoes and huge boots wearing skirts that I am surprised is tolerated in offices are showing up. Mind you, not all the sights are awful to this old man, but how professional they are amuses me. Salary girls are what they are.

I haven't done the math, but it looks like L riders dress more this way than train riders. It could be an age thing. Younger women live closer to the Loop, and older women live in the suburbs. Is that true? It looks that way. The salary girls seem less likely to be suburbans.

The News
Daley's bragging about Chicago's money. He should be careful here.

A city with money with schools that need money should not brag. They schools probably don't really need money. They need smart teachers.

I'm rambling here, but I'm thinking of a friend of mine, one who is an AD at a high school. He says his kids won't go to a Chicago Public School. The guy is making his living through the CPS, but hasn't faith in them. Not a good sign. He lives close to the border of Chicago, and is letting the kids use another address as their 'home address' so they can attend one in a suburban school.

I'm no teacher, but I see what I see. The schools are a mess, a political pawn by teachers, school leadership, and whomever is running for whatever office.

Sure, improvements here and there. I don't care what they say about parent's involvement. The schools need to address that, but the school is a school, not a welfare agency. Teach the kids. Crappy public schools are the best argument homeschoolers have, and those homeschooled kids are starting to do more than win spelling bees. Colleges are recruiting them. Real colleges, like Wheaton College in the western suburbs (see their homeschool recruitment area). We aren't talking about some city college, but a nationally known school.

So Daley needs to be careful. Nice roads without potholes would be nice. Nice schools without potholes would be better.

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