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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jim's Back at Metra & Charlie's Angels, Wonder Woman, 1970s TV - Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wednesday, February 7, 2007
8:19 a.m.

I'm getting old, and the papers keeping coming new every morning. My head cold is still bothering me, and my back hurts for no good reason.

Jim told me last night while grabbing a brat at a joint on Washington that he's got his Metra job back. He's proud. He says its because he stuck it to the man, but I think it it because he was tired of being a deadbeat. He'll start next week.

We argued about Ron Rivera losing his defense coordinator job for the Bears. Rivera's with the San Diego Chargers now (the Bears promoted Bob Babich from linebackers coach/assistant head coach), but that's not the point. It is the same old Chicago story. Get them winning, get them out of town. Jim was trying to tell me that Rivera screwed up, and so we lost the Super Bowl. No defense, no offense is what he says.

Grossman screwed up. He was an average QB trying to play against a great team. OK, the Colts beat us fair and square, but Bad Rex showed up and couldn't play. We did not need Peyton Manning to win the game. We only needed a Jim McMahon kind of quarterback. Jim made it happen. He was a bit like Dennis Rodman in that he was a goof off the field, but on the field, was all about winning. Rodman won on the basketball court, and McMahon won on the football field. Gross was playing lawn darts. He might as well have offered tea to his opponent.

The News
The obvious: Bears named Babich defensive coordinator (Sun-Times).

We've got Carlos Zambrano another year. Maybe the Cubs are giving up the ghosts and choosing to live in 2007.

Other news, like it matters: Britney's in rehab. Must be stylish now to be a drunk, then to publicly check in. I hope she'll hi to her gal pals. Is Lindsay Lohan still in there?

Remember when Lindsay was the name of someone a little more classy, the Bionic Woman? Lindsay Wagner played the Bionic Woman in the 1970s. She was cleaned up version of Linda Carter's Wonder Woman. The Six-Million Dollar Man was a hit, and so they tried giving us another dose of a part robot super-hero. I liked them both, but Steve Austin was the best.

TV in the mid/late-1970s was great. Charlie's Angels, Happy Days. Johnny Carson was still hot.

Herbie - Fully Loaded (Lindsay Lohan stars)

Six-Million Dollar Man

Wonder Woman - The Complete Seasons 1-3

Charlie's Angels - The Complete First Season

Bionic Woman

Happy Days - The Complete First Season

The Ultimate Johnny Carson Collection - His Favorite Moments from The Tonight Show (Vols. 1-3) (1962-1992)

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