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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Bob Collins & Harry Potter - Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wednesday, February 7, 2007
5:04 p.m

The sun is lifting inches each day when twilight comes. That's not right. It is lowering slower. Either way, the brighter the night, the better my evening papers sell. Snow mitigates this and last night's snowfall has chopped into today's sales. Half of usual.

It doesn't matter. There is no real news. The Bears' haven't won since the Super Bowl and however many articles are written, the score never changes. The editorials are routine, the same old bitterness about keeping abortion legal (this time the support of surgical and chemical abortions), blatherings about school funding (as if another buck will induce the kids into learning) and someone complaining about severence pay that a CEO got.

Radio voice Bob Collins is back in the news with some non-news.

Physician: Radio star not impaired before fatal crash
The personal physician of Bob Collins testifies that the WGN-AM 720 radio star was examined the day before he died in a plane crash.

That's the market, free and free-speaking. And not news.

I didn't see Kathy selling StreetWise today. The snow might have been too much for her.

Harry Potter is the rage now, again. They are on the seventh book, and I have never read one. I see an influx of Harry Potter books, though. It seems like everyone is reading the previous ones. The book readers are buying papers, so that helps me predict customers walking by.

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