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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Obama Smokes & Parades - Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
9:38 a.m.

This morning's commuters are still licking their wounds like a a dog that lost a wrassle for a bone. For all the blood and howling, the bone never has much meat.

Papers are starting to return to normal. The stories today are still football, but less than last week.

The News
The Bears turned down a parade. Good for them. They played hard, but they lost. Winners get parades. Losers get to watch parades. It is how it should be. Give a loser a parade, and the thrill of the parade is reduced to a participation ribbon.

Why not give an aluminum medal to the guy who takes fourth in the Olympics? Because he lost.

Barack Obama, the probable president after Hillary Clinton ends her likely reign, has admitted he is a tobacco addict, and is trying to quit. Is that news?

George Bush is George Bush, for better and for worse, but one thing he has done that is beyond argument was set the level for health in the White House. The story is Bush was living a wild life, and converted to Christianity, dumped booze and got healthy. I have to respect that.

That means Obama, having come out of the closet as a smoker trying to quit, can't smoke. He seems like a healthy guy, but tobacco addiction can happen to anyone. The campaign pictures with a smoke hanging off his lip would ruin him.

People are in super cold mode. The police directing traffic on the corners are wrapped up like Jesus at the Nativity. The chatters walking together at work aren't chatting. The smokers are huddled less often outside their buildings. The salary girls aren't walking their little dogs in the early morning sidewalk promenades. Everything is faster.

Jim came by yesterday during the afternoon rush. He's going to beg his job back on Metra. It'll be hard sell, but he thinks he has a shot. A couple of guys quit, and the trains are lean on the crew-side. Something along the lines of them telling their boss to take the job and shove it. Those guys quit, and so now Jim will see if he can't squirm in before they come back.

Supply and demand he says. He knows they need him, and he thinks that makes him someone. They need a warm body to snag tickets, but Jim makes it sound like he brings in something important. Sure, if two hands and a ticket puncher is important.

Still, Jim needs a job and this one will do.

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