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Monday, February 5, 2007

Bears & Sales - Monday, February 5, 2007

Monday, February 5, 2007
2:06 p.m

Ain't no sunshine when they lose. It is cold as cold gets here in the streets. It is -5 with a wind chill three degrees below death.

It is never colder than when the Bears lose. Another game -- any other game -- and the sting the city feels might have washed away with the morning coffee. This game was the Super Bowl. Not since 1985 have the Bears' dared make it that far. We all knew this was a different team, but still we hoped. The sting won't leave until 2008's Super Bowl if we're there.

The commercials were no thrill. Two were disgusting. I turned the channel during the candy bar one and the car wash one. I didn't need to see that trash. I caught some of Charles Bronson instead on one of the Spanish stations.

Hester -- His salary just landed in a better negotiating category. You'd think the Colts would've reviewed the tapes from the Bears' regular season and were ready for the Hester train. However, whatever the Colts missed regarding Hester, they sure knew about Grossman and Urlacher. To Chicago's credit, they were/are better than any team we've had since maybe 1987 or so.

The 1985 Bears' legend remains, and the Super Bowl Shuffle will still be sung in churches, bars, and daycares across northern Illinois. That's the hymn of the masses.

The upside is everyone is buying papers. Not just one, but two each. I'm selling great amounts of Tribs and Sun-Times. People who never buy are buying today.

Things will be lighter tonight than this morning. I'm hoping that I'll see a continued spike. If anything could warm me, it will be running out of papers.

Time to refill my coffee.

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