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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Criers, Annoyed and Offended, and Daley's Victory

There are too many whiners in this world. Criers, I call them. They won't use words like "I'm crying." They will use words like, "I'm annoyed," or "I'm offended."

Oh yeah?

What's really annoying?
  • Water dripping incessantly from my faucet.
  • My neighbor's dog barking when I'm sick.
  • A paper cut between my finger and finger nail.
That's all annoying. Ideas you don't like? Get over it. That's not annoying. That's crying because you disagree with them, or, you are judgmental. Pick your neurosis.

What's really offensive?
  • Garbage behind the butcher in the alley after a hot day.
  • Someone insulting you over your religious beliefs (yes, even those of you who aren't deity worshippers can be offensive, so get off your high horse).
  • Walking by a homeless guy while eating your third sandwich.

That's all offensive. What is not offensive is being upset your guy isn't the president, or that someone wants to pass a bill limiting something you like to do. That's crying because you did not get your way.

Go buy a newspaper.

The News
With Richie Daley's landslide victory, there has been no other real news. How real of news Daley's victory is can be considered arguable, but the landslide is impressive. Seventy-something percent. This is Chicago we are talking about, not Cicero.

Daley: 'I can work with anyone'
Chicago Tribune

Daley Easily Wins Re-election in Chicago
New York Times, NY - 21 hours ago
By SUSAN SAULNY. CHICAGO, Feb. 27 — Mayor Richard M. Daley won a landslide victory over two relatively obscure challengers here Tuesday, putting him on a ...

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