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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Papers, Rain, CareFest, Sugar Daddies & Al-Qaida Shows Its Failure, Fidel Is Closer to Death

Papers have seen a brisk increase. Why? Not there's anything I can do about it. They sell. They don't sell. A good or bad economy - makes no difference to me. People out of work buy papers to find jobs. People with money buy them to see what they can spend it all on. Either way, fifty cents.

The rain days are bad. Might be the warmer weather. People walk slower, look at headlines. That must be it. There's no looking at headlines when the papers are covered in plastic, and the people are covered in umbrellas. Any paper purchased with be drenched by the time they get to work anyway.

The salary girls flashed legs and skirts this week, and today was no different. Sad reality. Daddy's little girl, always looking for a sugar daddy. Tramps with degrees. Nothing to say about this.
I looked into this CareFest thing. It was not just adults, and it sounds like it brought out the kids and the soccer moms: CareFest and Moving * yay half day! * April arrives. Some churches too: Service & Worship Maybe next year I'll do it.

The News
The news is good, in a bad way.

Al-Qaida in Iraq Leader Dead, Iraqi Officials Say. Al-Qaida runs an operation built on lies. They manipulate Muslims into believing they know what Allah thinks. While it would have been better that this loser be caught than killed, his death demonstrates that Al-Qaida is run by selfish power hungry thieves of morality. Islam, and the world, is better off.

Chavez: Cuban leader Fidel Castro is 'in charge' Chavez wipes his rear with his integrity, so this is not to believed. Especially when stories like this appear No Castro appearance at May Day parade. The bad news is that a man is ill and dying. The good news is that when Castro goes, Cuba has a chance to redesign their country, the one Fidel the Fool tried to ruin.

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