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Friday, May 18, 2007

Runners, Tiny Dogs & Kasparov

"There's a kind of a hush..." over Chicago. Cooler temps are cooling voices, but the runners and the rest have come out to play. Great workout weather. That's a fine thing, but it does make dodging the human traffic challenging.

Also out are the tiny dog walkers, promenading how modern they are with pint-sized puppies on cute leashes. The recent fad of Loop apartment renters, particularly among lonely singles, has created a sidewalk full of canine carnivores. Mixed feeling here, as I am one to disdain the owning of an animal to meet the fashion plate needs of youth. However, if the emotional health benefits of pet ownership are true, maybe then the world will be a happier place.

Or at least my corner under the L.

The News
Chicago Bulls are out. Detroit Pistons beat them soundly.

Kasparov checked as EU and Russia clash at summit
Mr. Kasparov has developed into a true leader, using his brilliant mind for more than a mere chess board. Oddly, it was not until Mr. Putin's lackeys started bothering him that I read about him here in the USA.

Mr. Putin is eroding, and not furthering, the great work done by Gorbachev, and reducing the image of Russia back to the 1960-70s version of the Soviet Union. Mr. Putin claims to be about freedom, but, as it seems, the good people in Iraq have more freedom than Russian citizens.

The Russian police have become (or have always been) patsies for the Kremlin. Apparently, honor is not an important factor when hiring an officer, but thuggery and the willingness to kowtow to Mr. Putin's charade of leadership.

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