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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rain, Czimer's Wild Game, Blagojevich Sells Out (Again)

Rain pours down my apartment window, covering the glass to give an underseas look at a deary afternoon in Chicago. It was cold this morning - 45. Up to 72 briefly, then dropping to 63. Tomorrow, things will be the same. Monday is off.

Tuesday to Friday will be my selling week. Four day weeks are never great. People skip the paper.

Drove down to Czimer's Wild Game today, picked up some quail, camel jerky, rabbit and buffalo brats. Low fat, free range, and tasty.

The News
Four new casinos in Chicago a possibility.

Rod Blagojevich has sold out. No news there, but hypocritical so after he argued against Mayor Daley's efforts to bring in a casino in Chicago in 2004. Setting up for 2007, I guess. Smooth operator, that Blagojevich.

Talk is abound about dropping gas taxes. Why? Easy politics, not real solutions. And so what about price gouging. Let the market work.

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