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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Smoking Ban Good

Cool today. Respite from yesterday's heat. I found a dollar on my way to my corner. All folded, like it fell out of a purse. What could I do? No owner in sight. So, I bought coffee. I was intending to anyway.

The News
...is good. Lawmakers approve state smoking ban. That's the Daily Herald talking. I suffer through smokers walking by, dropping butts, blowing smoke. That will not change. This is about indoor smoking.

For Rep. JoAnn Osmond of Antioch, she sold out to the almighty dollar. All those smokers in Antioch (a majority of voters, it seems), want to puff in public. While she will not deny the public health side of the story, she says, "I'm trying to keep business in Illinois. This is a deterrent."

Yup. Osmond is a sell-out. Not so different as to why whores are legal in Nevada. Public health gets checked at the wallet's door.

I already skip restaurants that still allow smoking. For now, they are free to do what they please, but not with my dinero.

Who gets my two bucks? Not, for example, smoky Baker's Square. Good pies, but it stinks. Went into one on Rt 83 in Willowbrook, told them I wanted nonsmoking, and they sat two smokers down next to me. I had already ordered, but got up with my guest, and told the manager, calmly, they were unable to deliver, and left. I have not eaten there since. That is 2-3 years, at least (I'm not sure when), of myself and others, since I tell friends we need to choose a different place.

Five things to know about the proposed state smoking ban

1. It would take effect Jan. 1, 2008.
2. The anticipated reduction in smoking is likely to cost the state $60 million in lost cigarette tax dollars.
3. The state plan trumps any local smoking bans.
4. Smokers going outside to light up would have to move 15 feet away from entrances.
5. State prison inmates could smoke only when outside in the prison yard.

Source: SB500, American Lung Association of Illinois via the Daily Herald

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