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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cindy Sheehan, Quail, and Remembering

As the warm days continue, and as Memorial Day passes, politics aside, we should not only remember the dead, but the living who are protecting us abroad.

At the Hawk home last night, I cooked up some quail, and ate on the porch with my guests.

The News
Cindy Sheehan was used by the left. How naive was she to enter this without expecting this? So she quits the antiwar effort because she discovered that Democrats breed as much ill will as the Republicans.

No one took Sheehan seriously. Not the Democrats. Not the Republicans. Maybe Chavez, but he doesn't count. Her fight was noise only, insignificant, irrelevant, good only to sell newspapers, but not to change perspectives.

Whether the USA in Iraq is good or bad could never be influenced by tirading crusader. There are solid arguments, and difficult questions, but when all Sheehan could be was a cartoon, no one listened.

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