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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Smoky Mountains, Jerry Falwell

I have taken a brief vacation to the hills of Tennessee. Smoky Mountains to be exact. Cade's Cove (saw turkeys), and other vistas. No newspaper hawks that I saw in Knoxville. In fact, no kiosks, and not many machines. By that evidence, either everyone subscribes or isn't reading the paper. Has an entire town decided to read the news online?

The News
By now, newspaper readers know Jerry Falwell died. Critics maintain he manipulated gullible voters, supporters maintain he led conservatives effectively in a direction they already believed.

I say he spoke his mind, found a great swelling of those who agreed with him. He was the conversative's John Lennon or Bob Dylan (who is not as liberal as I think people suspect). He was glue for them, but not only him. He helped many Christians see that voting for candidates they believe in is important and necessary, and better than not voting and then complaining about who was elected.

Some criticize him for putting religion into politics, but those people may have ignored what Martin Luther King Jr. was all about. Unlike Al Sharpton, King's faith came first and politics second.

I saw, Jerry Falwell, RIP. You lived as you believed. If we all did that, whatever we believe, we'd be a better world.

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