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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Bad Decisions By Creatures Great and Small

What do you do when you see friends make bad decisions? Two kinds of bad decisions: those who hurt someone (including themselves), and ones that are just strategically poor. What I am thinking about is a guy who hates his situation only so much as wallowing it in seems to be better than doing something to change it.

Some bad decisions are very complicated, like the abused wife staying with her loser husband. Not this one. Just a guy who hesitates when he should move. Lonely in love, dissatisfied with work, unhappy with friends.

Only way to change everything is to start by changing something.
Just wanted to plug these two sites. This is not the Special Olympics Public Website. I'll let them each explain their distinctions more effectively than I can. I'm impressed.

The News
Recent news is ugly. Blogs are posting about the faux pas Barack Obama initiated regarding a supporter's MySpace page. I won't even link to that page because it counteracts the concept of free speech.
Obama Inc Powers Over Volunteers

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