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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Salary Girls & CareFest's Band of a Thousand

Gotta say I'm toasting nicely in this warm weather. Walking around Millennium Park, looking at the birds and sun bathers, I can't help but enjoy the day, and think about what's beyond the sunlight.

I expect the warm weather will bring the salary girls out in fine form on Monday morning, all posing and frolicking for the policemen and project managers, looking for a raise.

The News
Is this news? It should be. CareFest 2007. Something like over 1,000 people (1,200?) got together and worked out the kinks. They painted and pushed junk and furniture, and fixed broken things. I looked it up in the news and it seems they loaded a lot of time into this, and even had all the equipment and stuff donated.

No Bible-thumping. Just doing the right thing. Not that believing what they believe is bad thing. Ain't this America? When a guy gets beaten down for telling someone what he believes is the day every bar, every church and every nursing home gets shut down. Drunk retired pastors might have all their troubles converge. I say, whatever you believe, believe it without shame, without silence.

Former US Senator Carol Mosley Braun was hurt by a mugger. As a senator, she was good for wasting our money, but no one deserves a mugging.

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