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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Cubas, Jordan, Chicago in. LA out.

We need Dusty Baker back, not the loser coaching the Cubs now.

Tonight's sunset as I drove down Rt 38, leaving a wedding reception at Epicurean Hungarian Restaurant in Hillside looked beautiful.

Michael Jordan divorced. Too bad he couldn't keep his marriage together. No one looked at him as a man of integrity, with his gambling. The way he quit the Bulls to be with his family, only to join the Washington team looked insincere as well. Either way, MJ's wife cleaned out his wallet.

The News
The news is out. Chicago is in. LA is out. This just means Chicago will be up against big international cities, like Rome, for the Olympic chase. And where did I read this? On a Canadian site.

Chicago picked over Los Angeles to submit US bid for 2016 Olympics

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