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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

R Hawk on the Virginia Tech Massacre

What do I say? This is one of those days I wish I didn't sell a lot of papers. I did. The news yesterday of some poor misguided kid, just 23, shooting up the Virginia Tech campus and killing, as of today, 33 people.

I can't say anything. Read the news. Hug your kids. Pray for those impacted.

This wasn't political. It was not a terrorist. It was a kid, barely old enough to be called an adult who lost control of whatever it is that stops us from doing these things.

Motive? Cause? Does it matter?

Almost three dozen are dead, and the school, no matter how things are resolve, spun, explained -- all that, is forever marked. Grades, careers, and other practical matters will be a mess. Tuition, jobs paying for tuition, and all that -- a mess too.

And 33 dead.

And families, friends are mourning.

I'm sorry.

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