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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jerry Miller is an Innocent Man

News has a popular tone to it.

Queen, the rock group once fronted by Freddy Mercury, did an album named after a British paper, "News of the World."

The Beatles sang the lyrics, "I heard the news today, oh boy."

Don McLean bleakly sang, "But February made me shiver With every paper I’d deliver. Bad news on the doorstep; I couldn't take one more step."

The News
DNA evidence to free Chicago man
Springfield State Journal Register, IL - 10 hours ago
CHICAGO - Jerry Miller spent 25 years behind bars for a rape he has long maintained he didn't commit. His fight to prove his innocence finally will pay off...

This, to me, is big news. We all know there are two kinds of cops. The other kind is honest. With the jerks thugging around their weight to beat up barkeeps and the various racial charges going on, I can only wonder where the integrity is. I still don't.

What I do know is one man, this time, this day, is, as they say, getting his day in court. An innocent man freed.

Don't get me wrong. A day on the street, seeing what I see, I could go into business as a latter day Huggy Bear and tell the cops all the news for a few five spots and a cuppa joe. No one's asks me, but I'd snitch. Got no problem sending down the guilty: the pushers and addicts, the hookers and the johns. That's what I see.

Get tough on crime? Sure, but, while they are at it, clear out the garbage infesting the police facilities. Let the good cops shine. That's most of them. They aren't the pigheaded racists. They are the good, proud men and women risking their keisters for the betterment of society.

Anyway, this fellow is owed by society, If corruption was the key, fire the bum, and charge the guy for Jerry Miller's loss of time. If it was just incompetence, the dumb cop had better personally apologize and do his best to help him back on his feet. That cop should admit with no "if I did anything to hurt you" weakness and be a man. A man will lend Miller his car, buy him some groceries and a suit, get him into college. In short, Jerry Miller should have someone, somewhere, somehow pay for his life.

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