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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blind Man Walking and Falling, Olympics in Chicago

On my beat, the corner where a major retail store lives and across from a massive office building, a lot of Chicago passes by. Some buy a paper, and others are merely en route to somewhere important.

The one who might have it hardest on days of slush and snow is a well-dressed blind guy in his 50s. People handle blindness differently. For the person whose seeing is limited, he must navigate from here to there, with everything from buildings and curbs in his way, to loud mouth walkers who deserve the double socking of a two-fisted education, to well-meaning commuters who confuse him by not following expected walking patterns.

The snow yesterday was no help. Everything changes. Sounds, water, traffic.

I saw the blind man slip. He was not hurt, but his overcoat was messy. I don't know what he does for a living, but there's money it. He was dapper, with a smart briefcase. A lawyer? It doesn't matter. He fell.

This is April, not February. God knows this, right?

The News
Chicago, LA race for 2016 Olympics
MSNBC - 33 minutes ago
Pat Ryan, chairman of insurance group Aon, took a long hard look at the T-shirt handed to him amid a crush of reporters in a cramped corner of the Macy's department store in downtown Chicago. Wisely, Mr Ryan did not attempt to pull the limited edition...

Will the Olympics be good for Chicago? If you believe the Chicago leadership, yes. I hope so. I think so. I know just before and during I will sell record amounts of papers. I will not complain.

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