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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Taste of Chicago, Coffee, Starbucks Cards, Paris Hilton

The Taste of Chicago is coming June 29-July 8, 2007. Newspaper sales become a strange thing as tourists, and people from the suburbs who do not normally come into the Loop fall into overpriced chow lines.

Sometimes, I sell three times what I might expect. People who want to look trendy-city will pick up the Sun-Times as if they read it daily. I'll take their foolish money. Other people present that they are business-sophisticates, and buy a New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Financial Times. Mostly young people, and almost always with dates. I get more tips than when my regulars come by.

Speaking of tips. Made my day. Normally, I hate gift cards. I think they are the lazy man's Christmas or birthday gift. It is just cash in card form. However, a guy, one who stops occasionally gave me a gift card to Starbucks. It was worth $20.00.

Why? He received one as a gift, an office party thing, but hates coffee. When he passes each day, he always asks, "Hawk, how's the coffee today?" His way of making conversation, and so I tell him. When he buys a paper, we chat a little. I don't know him, but I don't not know him. There's that kind of relationship that happens when you see people daily, but never really get to talk.

There's a $20.00 card now, actually, closer to $15.00, after two cups of joe, extra cream, to get me going these last two days.

I regret to say I don't know his name. I'll ask.

The News
In the non-news category is that US Weekly has decided that they will not publish stories or pictures of Paris Hilton. Miss Hilton is not the ordinary salary girl. The salary girls want to be her: rich, stupid, beautiful and somehow important. We all want to matter in this life, even Miss Hilton, and every bimbo-headed salary floozy that walks by me with lattes each morning. US Weekly has decided that their readers are tired of Miss Hilton. It is a business decision, not an integrity-based one.

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