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Friday, June 22, 2007

Movies, Mobs, Sosa

I'm a movie buff. Not really. I like movies, and have seen a lot of old movies recently. Black and whites, like The Thin Man with William Powell and Myrna Loy.

The Top Movies of All Time list has been released, so I have been thinking about the great ones I have seen.

Casablanca might top my list.

Rain's a-coming, and it is going to be hard. My plastic is ready, but if it is windy, there sinks my sales.

Ever buy a paper from a guy like me? If it is near 6:00, offer me half the price, and I might take it. Then, tip me a quarter. You'll get a nod and a thanks. I might even make sure you get a dry copy.

The News
Loser boys are on trial. (Post here and here). The Chicago flavored mob has been kissing themselves at trial all week, and, although most of them are old and useless now, they are said to be have been even more useless when they were younger. The closest thing to the "Sopranos" they might have is the the tune they'll be singing in the pen.

Wondering what they family secrets are that is being chatted about in the Chicago Tribune. Maybe one of these chumps will come out of the closet -- with his brother. No good, not one of them.

Sammy "No, I'm not on 'roids" Sosa hit homer #600 against the Cubbies. Maybe now he'll retire, turn off his music, and start his new career signing baseball cards for middle-aged men trying to remember when. At least Pete Rose hit every hit on his own power. It looks like he gambled (his own admission) but no one is thinking he was less of an athlete because of it.

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