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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Salary Girls, Chicago Mobs (& Other Street Thugs), Clinton Soprano Video

The heat has continued to bring out the salary girls at lunch, swaying short skirts and men's integrity for weeks now. Thong shoes, short shorts, you know the sort.

At a few corners, the bands are out. The AON Building has one, and there's one on Washington and, is it Adams? Usually pop blues. Works for me as the sound wafts through the corners and streets. Better than the bongo boys who play only one tune badly, and that guy with a saxophone. Nice try, pal, but even Bill Clinton plays better.

Have you seen the Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Soprano spoof/parody?. Looks like the Clintons, desperate to reach into Bil's popularity, prefer to associate themselves with the mob.

The News
Stan Lee got his own action figure. Not a doll. Action figure. (Comic-book legend Stan Lee gets his own action figure)

Speaking of mobs, and playing with things, the jury looks like it was chosen for the mob trial I told you about yesterday. What the mob boys will play with once they get sent up the river isn't mine to say. Street punks, with the class of thugs like the Vice Lords, Latin Kings and other charm school flunkies.

No one has ever said, "My, what a great impact the mafia has had on society." Instead, words like blight, crime, casinos, tobacco and other garbage are the terms of endearment.

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