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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Radio Legend Paul Harvey Dies

Radio Legend Paul Harvey Dies
ABC News

That's all. There's no more to his story until he meets God.

I'll miss him.


David said...

I am big into radio and was enjoying Paul Harvey on the radio here in Des Moines. Never really listened to him much or appreciated him so much as lately but knew of his broadcasts well. He had great values and midwestern appeal, even lived/worked in my hometown (Chicago).

He made you think and understand concepts, when he told his story. Using the appeal of logic/truth, he was able to drive home the underlying meaning behind a particular story.

He was controversial even, one who came out speaking the violence of Islam in Iraq in 1993, which I appreciate, but had to come back and say Islam was a religion of peace after some Islamic public protest.

His voice will be missed but we do have his son to carry on the tradition and values.

I do have hope he is with God because of this Larry King Live interview, where he said faith was important (mentioned John 3:16 and talked about his baptism later in life).

I'm going to have to try and learn more about the life and broadcasts of Paul Harvey, as I know so little.

David said...

Mike Huckabee has taken over Paul Harveys slot. It seems to work very well with Mike Huckabee but only have heard a couple of these: Huckabee Report

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