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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Make a Difference in 2008, Write a Letter to the Editor, Rose Bowl

Hawking newspapers brings me to read a lot of what's what on the matters that matter. One thing I see dying out is the good letter to the editor. Too often, the ones writing these things are PR reps from this campaign or that. Or, they are just a flaming, ranting idiot with all emotion and no brains.

So I'm saying, figure out something you believe in and write a letter to your favorite newspaper. Then, of course, come by my corner and buy five copies for your mother. She needs to see she raised you right.

Seriously, do this. You'll feel better. A letter hardly answers all of life's problems. We'll still have terrorism, corruption, and bums in office. This is hardly the only thing you can do, but it is relatively easy. Local papers, like the Daily Herald, are very open, and the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times love the everyman view.

Put the PR writers out of work. There's enough crap coming out them supporting the big money scams like Big Tobacco, Big Abortion, Big Pharmaceutical, Big Guns, and Big Politics. The Little Guy needs to speak up.

The News
The University of Illinois Fighting Illini are fighting today in the Rose Bowl against the University of Southern California Trojans (for a funny look at Cindy Sheehan's protest, read this satire)

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