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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chicago Sun-Times and the Mafia

Sometimes, a newspaper gets smaller. Such is the fate of the Chicago Sun-Times. Smaller size, smaller staff. I wish I sold more papers too, guys, but here I am, fighting online because people are buying fewer where I am.

Editor and PublisherDeparting 'Sun-Times' Biz Editor Miller Says Newsroom Mood Actually 'Improving' Despite Cuts

The News
The Chicago Bears are out of the playoffs. They never made it in.

Mafia thugs are taking a hit in their home city of Sicily, Italy.

Web, crackdowns weakening Mafia's grip.

These are not men who love their families, and certainly not their God. These extortionists are like the terrorist pigs in Iraq and elsewhere who are scamming to kill their neighbors.

To the men protesting: You have honor. The Mafia is less than the scum between your toes. Stay strong.

PALERMO, Sicily - When it came down to business, Cosa Nostra could always count on fear.

No more.

In a rebellion shaking the Sicilian Mafia to its centuries-old roots, businesses are joining forces in refusing to submit to demands for protection money called "pizzo."

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