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Friday, December 31, 2010

Carol Moseley Braun vs Marion Barry vs Betty Loren Maltese

I've been thinking a lot about Carol Moseley Braun's audacity to enter the Chicago mayoral race had me thinking about former Washington DC mayor Marion Barry and Former Cicero town president Betty Loren Maltese. Funny connection they all have.

Braun has, incidentally, never gone to prison, but I personally wouldn't trust her watching my hound dog.

Betty Loren Maltese: She received national attention for her role in an insurance scam which robbed the town of $12 million. (Wikipedia)
Marion Barry: His celebrity transformed into international notoriety in January 1990, when Barry was videotaped smoking crack cocaine and arrested by FBI officials on drug charges. (Wikipedia)

Carol Moseley Braun: Chicago Democrats survive their scandals by multiplying them, hoping the unbroken monotony of misdeeds will anesthetize the public. But Moseley-Braun may have overdone it even after some notable campaign finance excesses in 1992. (George Will)

Then again, Rahm Emanuel is running after qutting his post (just like Sarah Palin, only he was serving our nation, not a barely populated state), and everyone yawns.

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