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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summertime Blues and Johnny Depp's Gift

The heat is like the cold. Papers just don't sell. Papers sell when people got time, and they linger. In the heat, they move inside. They don't mess around with dropping me a buck and grabbing a Trib or a Times. Cold days, rainy days -- everyone expects this. But on a hot day, a business guy in a suit? He wants nothing to do with humidity. And let me tell you, that's Chicagoland, and whatever Chicagoland has got going on, th Loop is loaded with it. Heat, and the humidity off the lake.

It's not all bad news. Just because one plugger is struggling doesn't mean we all are. Take Mohammed A. Sekhani. He's a waiter at Gibson's. Nice joint. Steakhouse. Top rate, I'm told. I don't eat there, but Johnny Depp does. A meat eater. Depp left him $4,000 to say thanks for good service. What if that happened to me? It would change my life.

Want more? See Stella Foster's article.

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