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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Drew Peterson: King of Class(lessness)

Drew Peterson is either extremely innocent, or extremely guilty.

Not much to say, but if he's innocent, he effectively laughs at the dead. If he's guilty, he's in mighty big trouble because the good guys think they have enough evidence to make him down.

Whatever Peterson is, a good man is not part of his description.

The News
Peterson is arrested, appears in court.

Anyone reading http://www.triblocal.com? Hyperlocal versions of the Chicago Tribune. Helps me sell a few extra papers.


The Unpromised One said...

I want to find this arrogant little midget bastard and violently beat the shit out of him in front of everybody and then riverdance on his unconscious body. Just watching him crack jokes in front of everybody automatically proves that he did, in fact, kill Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson, and he probably would have killed his third wife too if he wasn't in prison. Believe me, there is almost no chance that he is innocent, because innocent people would at least make a cursory attempt to show some manner of remorse instead of cracking jokes about his "bling" and laughing as if he's going to a party.

If this arrogant, psychotic, evil, smug, pudgy, short-ass little bastard doesn't get put in general population whenever he gets convicted (oh, he will get convicted, believe me), I will have officially lost what little faith I have had in our country's justice system.

They just found the body of what was believed to be Stacy Peterson, by the way, if you, or anybody else reading this is unaware. I don't know what else to tell you, other than that if you have even the slightest suspicions that he did it, they will be effectively quelled within the next few months, if not before.

The said...

When I said he probably would have killed his third wife, I meant the one who would have been his fifth wife, Christina Raines, the one who just called off their engagement a couple of weeks ago. What I really meant to say was that he would have been responsible for three murders instead of the two he's on trial for.

Resilient Hawk said...

I just posted an update. I won't comment on the man's height, not being tall (or even average height) myself, but he is not a man I would respect even if he is innocent.

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