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Monday, December 8, 2008

Fighting a cold and selling papers on a cold day are a difficult mix. Sometimes, there isn't enough coffee to warm what is cold.

Chicago Tribune no more? With Sam Zell's leadership apparently a failure, and internet news competing with local papers, the Chicago Tribune is considering bankruptcy.

What's is a world without the Trib?
Fewer sales for me. End of tradition. Death of an era.

I'm no hockey fan, but even I am impressed with the headline "Chicago Blackhawks rout Phoenix Coyotes 7-1."

There's a labor sit-in. I haven't followed this one, but if workers are getting screwed over, I say skip sitting in at the factory. Instead, go to the guy who is making the decision and sit quietly outside of his house.

Chicago's Police Department continues to lament the PR impact of idiot ex-officers like Anthony Abbate. He's the huge guy that beat up a little 115 pound female bartender. Although Abbate is a clear disgrace to male honor as well as the integrity of the men in blue, the CPD is, in fact, better than him.

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