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Friday, August 22, 2008

Tobacco Addicts Will Help Chicago Get Olympics, Neps in the City

I sat in a restaurant watching the Cubs. It occurred to me how often I do this now. It helps the Cubbies are winning, but the places are smoke free now. I'm sinking my cash into joints I'd never go to five years ago.

No griping from the tobacco addicts. No one says you can't smoke. Just do it outside. Chicago needs more pollution if we're going to beat Beijing in the Olympics. Smokers, you go ahead, light up until the clouds are dark, and windows are covered with a yellow dinge. We can't do this alone.

Of course, we need to get the Olympics first. Daley's on it.

And, more importantly, Cubbies are up 5.5 games and the White Sox are clinging to a 0.5 game lead. We'll take it.

The News
Meanwhile, nepotism is hitting the streets again. Barack Obama mentor Illinois Senate President Emil Jones is trying to get his kid into politics. Cook County boss John Stroger (now deceased) put his son into office too. There's a new political machine in town, and it looks just like the old. The last name has changed, including Madigan (no one here believes she earned the job). One word missing, just as before: integrity.

You gotta give to Jones' son. He has no college degree, yet makes almost $60K. Not bad for an uneducated 31 year-old. Apparently, Jones' is not confident that his son could win an election with those credentials, and is trying the appointment route.

Mayor Daley's dad didn't do it. That was all the younger Daley's doing, getting elected as opposed to placed. Several mayors were there in between. Washington. Bilandic, Byrne come to mind.

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Resilient Hawk said...

Too bad some people responders are as bad as smokers, leaving spam comments to stink up the air.

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